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The Cynic


29 November 1977
Most of the time I'm sardonic, opinionated, open minded, smarmy and fairly cynical. I’m pro-choice on absolutely everything. I may disagree with it, I may think you a fool for doing it, but I will never suggest that you shouldn’t be allowed to do it. I have a hard time starting conversations – though I can keep one going for days and days. I’m aware of and respect people boundaries, but have practically none of my own. Within ten minutes of meeting someone, I have no problems discussing the most intimate things about myself with them. Over the years I’ve noticed that my best relationships are formed with those who respond in kind. Generally speaking, anything I’m not willing to discuss, nobody ever thinks of asking me.

I've been known to watch a movie or two in my free time. Have most of Family Guy and Futurama memorized. I try to be a grammar Nazi. I frequently succeed. I am a smart ass, always have been, always will be, have no desire to change that. I generally disengage the filter between my brain and my mouth between Friday and Monday. I need time alone, no matter how much I may tell people that I don't. I love going to concerts and local gigs – as long as the music is good. I'm pretty vocal about music I don't consider good. I'm pretty vocal about most things. I have a screened in deck and weather permitting can be found out there more often than not. I need to get a dog - I'm seriously thinking about an Argentine Dogo. My cat won't like that, but to be fair I'm not that crazy about my cat, so it's OK. I'm most comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt, but pull off a suit quite nicely, if I say so myself. I've traveled a bit and have seen a few things. I plan to continue doing both. I hold my first and second amendment rights very dear, and will use one to defend the other. I'm not a fan of dancing, but have been persuaded to shake it out on the dance-floor before. I miss New York. I'm a night-owl. I have a camping tent I've never used. I plan on fixing that once I find the right company. I work more than I should, but less than I think I should. I'm trying to find time to resume learning Vietnamese. I'm not succeeding. I tell really good jokes, but only to make up for all the terrible ones. For reasons I can not explain this paragraph is beginning to read like something written by Hemingway. This must not continue. I will start a new paragraph.

I’m a drummer in a classic rock/blues band. I’ve been playing drums for about 14 years, and been with various incarnations of my current band for 8 years on and off. It’s a long tale for another time – but we’re finally starting to get back out there again, and playing gigs. Nothing steady yet, but we’re getting out there.

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I don't add people to my friends list simply because they added me, that's just silly. I don't expect to be added simply because I added you. That's even sillier. This is my journal, and I will say what I damn well please. You will find my journal offensive, disgusting, criminal, comical, immoral, illegal, inhuman, philosophical, shocking, perverted, sick, silly, twisted, mean, evil, pointless, manipulative, violent and many other things. I'm always up for a debate, if you want to discuss anything you read. If, however, you feel your rights have been violated by what you read, or you find yourself in some other way offended, you have the right to fuck off and never come back again. That's what they invented the "back" button for.

Oh, and don't ask me if I mind if you read my journal. It's quite obvious that I don't, otherwise it would be "friends only".

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For those of you who know what I'm talking about, here's my Geek Code.

Version: 3.12
GCS$/IT$ d-- s: a C++(++++) ULHISAOX*++++$ P+++$
L+++$ E--- W+++$ N+ o+ K w--- O- M-- V-- PS+ PE++ Y+
PGP- t@ 5 X- R* tv+ b++ DI++++ D++ G e* h r(++) y*

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I love my Bonsai Kitten!
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"Until they become conscious they will never rebel, and until after they have rebelled they cannot become conscious."