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Hot weekend

Saturday early afternoon the AC stopped working. On the hottest weekend of the year so far, of course. Filed the warranty claim, opened all the windows and left the house for most of the night. Got back around 0400 when it was almost cool enough with the multitude of fans to sleep (waking up every once in a while to hop in the shower).

Woke up nice and early on Saturday - some time around 0900 and off to Lowes to buy a window unit. Had the puppy installed by about 1130 and enjoying the coolness of my bedroom. Felt a bit like I was back in the old-days. Living in 'my room'. But hey, managed to watch two movies, do a little reading and play with the dogs quite a bit. Overall, could have been worse.

Dude showed up Monday afternoon and did 'something' up in the attic to get it working again. I tried to watch but gave up in very short order. It was about 130 degrees up there, and I had absolutely no idea of what the fuck he was doing, or ability to understand more than about 20% of what he was saying to me. So tonight, I need to clean the house - I haven't done shit since the AC went out, and mow the lawn before heading out to the gym.

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