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I'm a bit behind posting things here - but I've been busy, and hospitalized. So... for those that don't know, I have a new dog. Her name's Zoe. She appears to be a pitbull and about a year old.

More Pictures Here

As a result of the puppy coming home, the cat freaked out and bit me on the right hand. Hard. It got infected. The shot and pills my regular doctor gave me wasn't enough - so on his advice I went to the ER. They loaded me up with an IV antibiotic and hospitalized me for about 30 hours, giving me another dose of the same IV the next day. I got released Monday night with a new prescription for extra strength antibiotics, and have been exhausted ever since. Two days in a row I'm in bed before 22:00 and still can't quite get rested. But the hand is getting better.

But enough of that... Puppy!
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