Hot weekend

Saturday early afternoon the AC stopped working. On the hottest weekend of the year so far, of course. Filed the warranty claim, opened all the windows and left the house for most of the night. Got back around 0400 when it was almost cool enough with the multitude of fans to sleep (waking up every once in a while to hop in the shower).

Woke up nice and early on Saturday - some time around 0900 and off to Lowes to buy a window unit. Had the puppy installed by about 1130 and enjoying the coolness of my bedroom. Felt a bit like I was back in the old-days. Living in 'my room'. But hey, managed to watch two movies, do a little reading and play with the dogs quite a bit. Overall, could have been worse.

Dude showed up Monday afternoon and did 'something' up in the attic to get it working again. I tried to watch but gave up in very short order. It was about 130 degrees up there, and I had absolutely no idea of what the fuck he was doing, or ability to understand more than about 20% of what he was saying to me. So tonight, I need to clean the house - I haven't done shit since the AC went out, and mow the lawn before heading out to the gym.
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Alone and mostly happy about it.

Feeling kinda blah all day today. Spent most of it on the patio reading or trying to get the zoo to calm down a bit. For the most part it's not bad, but my parents dogs just don't listen to anything, which gets really old really quick. Tried to work out but got sick almost as soon as I started - Major headache and a bit of nausea. Plus, I've been absolutely ravenous lately. Just can't seem to get enough food. Really need to do something about that, just not sure what. Beyond that, I didn't feel like going out, despite Jada's rather persistent demands for my presence. I knew i'd just be grumpy and annoyed by everything. Thought it wiser to stay home.
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KJ and the gang.

Had a spontaneous lunch with Thy at the Indian place just up the road from my work. She's just finalized the deal with a school just a few miles from her place downtown. Rock on! The cultist still hates. So other than the job thing, very little new. Korean Jesus bless you all.
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An Error

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Have been in a rotten mood since about 3 minutes after I got off work. Just an annoying day - couldn't get anything done. Little shit kept creeping up and preventing me from actually doing what I was supposed to be. But I doubt that's the whole of it. I think I could snap out of it pretty quickly if I had a few hours to myself, but in the spirit of trying to be a good host to my house-guest, I don't want to tell her to leave me alone. I'll be out at Celtic later tonight with a rather rowdy bunch who'll be getting drunk on Scotch. Small chance that'll cheer me up, but I've never had a very good success with Celtic. I usually end up bored to tears and take off early. Bah... don't I sound like a whiny bitch.
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This too has passed.

Well... that was fun while it lasted. Small chance of it picking back up at some point in time in the future, but I'm not even thinking about that. On we bloodily stagger - Freddie I'll rephrase that. On we blindly stumble - Brooke I withdraw that... anyway.
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I'm a bit behind posting things here - but I've been busy, and hospitalized. So... for those that don't know, I have a new dog. Her name's Zoe. She appears to be a pitbull and about a year old.

More Pictures Here

As a result of the puppy coming home, the cat freaked out and bit me on the right hand. Hard. It got infected. The shot and pills my regular doctor gave me wasn't enough - so on his advice I went to the ER. They loaded me up with an IV antibiotic and hospitalized me for about 30 hours, giving me another dose of the same IV the next day. I got released Monday night with a new prescription for extra strength antibiotics, and have been exhausted ever since. Two days in a row I'm in bed before 22:00 and still can't quite get rested. But the hand is getting better.

But enough of that... Puppy!
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Day off.

A quiet day at home. Not much to report. Did a little reading, a little shopping a little cleaning and some serious TV watching. I've been stuck in a book-series for about 3 weeks now - have seriously neglected turning my brain into soup. In a small way I made up for it today. Will try to be a bit more productive tomorrow.
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Don't know if I shouldf laugh or cry.

Oh, come the fuck on!
House near vote to admonish Wilson over 'You lie'

Bitterly divided over an accusatory outburst — "You lie" — lawmakers neared a vote Tuesday on admonishing one of their own for his jarring interruption of President Barack Obama.

Are you fuckin serious? They "neared" a vote?! To "admonish"?!

As per Merriam-Webster:

* Main Entry: ad·mon·ish
* Pronunciation: \ad-ˈmä-nish\
* Function: transitive verb
* Etymology: Middle English admonesten, from Anglo-French amonester, from Vulgar Latin
admonestare, alteration of Latin admonēre to warn, from ad- + monēre to warn — more at mind

1 a: to indicate duties or obligations to b : to express warning or disapproval to especially in a gentle, earnest, or solicitous manner
2: to give friendly earnest advice or encouragement to

I don't care where you stand on the issue of health care. I don't care how you feel about Obama, Wilson, Democrats, Republicans, lions, tigers or god damned bears! We - well... the 65% of us that actually pay taxes - just paid give or take 435 people to debate for a week whether or not to take a vote to slap someone on the wrist.

By the way - not counting increased salaries for Speaker and Majority and Minority leaders, that's $174,000 per year per representative. If you do the math, you'll see that a week worth of time for a full house would be $1,455,576. Assuming they didn't devote more than one hour per day to this discussion (which I personally believe is severe underestimation) we paid them $181,947 to not reach a decision to vote to slap someone on the wrist.
S & H

A moment in history.

Eight years and approximately 16 minutes ago (I've been trying to post this for almost an hour), I was on the roof of the AT&T building, with a somewhat distant but fairly clear view of Manhattan, watching the first of the two towers collapse. We were sent home before the second one followed suit. While comparing to thousands, if not millions, my experience with 9/11 was brief and impersonal - as I was reminded last night, some things you just can't unsee.
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